Sometimes I loathe being a working mom. I hate it that after devoting so much time to work as if I had a choice, I still got to come back and try so hard to bond with my baby to make sure she’s still close to me. And when she prefers someone else over me, it hurts me. I feel like I gave birth to a baby for those who have the luxury to spend time with her to enjoy at the expense of my motherhood.


small boobs

I just laughed at myself last night how ridiculously empty my top looked in bikini.

Strangely after pregnancy, I don’t really feel lousy about my small boobs anymore. I am able to fit them into my small bras properly without empty spaces now and that makes me happy enough.


Tomorrow may be one of the best Fridays. It’s my last day of work before I go on my long leave. Three weeks hoho  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’ll be going for my honeymoon next week!

And.. Tomorrow is also Dad’s birthday. Not that he reads my blog but happy birthday Pa! I realized you are turning 58 this year! Wishing you and mummy good health and happiness! Don’t work too hard and forget to eat.

Everyday wonders

After all day at work, coming back home to your baby is an amazing feeling I can’t describe… I guess only other parents would understand what I mean.