Sometimes I get in the realization that I don’t really have a house of my own. 

The house I’m living in belongs to my mother-in-law. The house my mom and family live doesn’t have a space I can call my own.


I cringe when I hear someone fake an ang moh accent. Don’t they realize how unnatural they sound? (¬、¬)

Happy things 

The happiest thing is when I am awaken by little miyu in the morning. The first thing I see when I open my eyes is her – smiling at me playfully and putting her tiny hands on my face to get me to wake up. Just like how a kitten would wake up its owner. 

#sweetestthingever #onlypeoplewithkidswillunderstand

Taking steps to revamp my wardrobe because the body after pregnancy just isn’t the same anymore. 

I don’t feel good in my favorite clothes anymore. The thighs are expanded got to upsize my jeans, butt is droopy to the point it’s such a weird shape and my stomach bulges out awkwardly probably due to the over stretched skin or something I-don’t-know.

Don’t tell me how fine I look. I am speaking in terms of comparing what I was before. Nobody is happy with expanded thighs.

My way of feeling my own self worth is to be kind. It makes someone’s day – that makes me feel good and gives meaning to my life.

If you feel like you’re full of flaws and you feel lousy about it, the simplest to make up for that is to be kind to others.

Times when you feel like a no lifer with most of your hours attributed to work; leaving only tiredness and restlessness to the remaining day.

And your mind starts sinking into negativity.