It’s my hubby’s bday

Happy Birthday dear R. Sometimes you are completely capable of annoying me, but rest assured I am stuck with you for life. I will continue to be your wife, your child’s mother, cook for you and keep other girls at bay. ❤



Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.

This… we are taught to always look forward to the future and have dreams, sometimes we forget to enjoy or appreciate the present moment.



In a week of 168 hours,

work takes up 30%
sleep takes up 28%

I’m left with 42% for Miyu or everything else.

Only after you have a child, you realize how precious and little time is.

I used to think that marriage is about two people. In asian culture, it’s about two families. Especially after you have kids, everyone wants to dote on your kid and tries to meddle and take control on your kid’s upbringing. Everyone thinks they know best; they forgot who are the parents. 

So god damn annoying. 


I attended the funeral of a friend’s father who passed away abruptly in an accident. What I took home today – apart from appreciating your parents when they are still around is how much it matters to be there for a friend in times for need. We weren’t the closest of friends but he appreciated our presence at this point tremendously that it hit me, how the little effort you make to be there for a friend can mean so much.

Isn’t this what life should be all about? Being there for those who matter.


Why do women not consider the feelings of other women?

Why do some of them build their happiness at the expense of hurting other women? 

Hearing all these cheating stories just make me wonder – don’t these women have any sense of guilt? Causing misery to other women? 

Some will push the blame to men but women, if you don’t lead and you don’t seduce, no men will have a chance with you. You too, have a fault in this. But I’m just asking, why would you hurt another woman like this? 

Would you want another woman to hurt you like this?