We are Forever Pisces 

I don’t have many Pisces friends; Pammy’s one of them. We share many Pisces traits and taste. And she’s getting married! I’m silently very happy for her, not always the emotionally expressive type. She doesn’t know of my blog and I just wanna dedicate an entry to commemorate that moment where we took a sweet picture together during her hen’s day. May you be happily married and join me in motherhood very soon!

A little love

On the way back home in the train, hubby said he got something for me from the seminar he attended. He took out a roll of paper from his goodie bag stating that ‘it’s not very nice but I thought it’ll do’. I unrolled the paper.. revealing a brightly colored calendar of a beautiful Peranakan shophouse.

Then he took out a post card. ‘For you.’

I took the card from his hand. It has a dorky little penguin waving at me.

‘This was totally my kind of thing.’ I thought to myself.

I smiled fuzzily and said thank you. It felt so sweet to learn that he attended a seminar that had nothing to do with me yet he had me in his mind.

Dear R, thank you for this sweetness and little thingies. Your wife feels loved. ♡˖꒰ᵕ༚ᵕ⑅꒱

I’m awake and can’t fall back asleep. Mind is active and can’t rest.

What will my day be like? 

Sometimes I get so much feels from my new age/world/ambient music that I start thinking of compiling all my favorite tracks so they can be played during my funeral and hopefully that’s in a long time to come.

And this isn’t meant to be intentionally morbid, really.

When you realise that a scheming person started off at some point of innocence till they get hurt, used and tainted that made them the way they are.