Rather accurate except the part about gaining weight.


“I like your Christ,” said Mahatma Gahndi, “but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.”


Sick Mom and Daughter 

Lying next to my sick baby occasionally being awaken from her phlegm-plagued cough. Trying to soothe her in every possible way to avoid her coughing till she puked the night before. I am plagued by my undying sinus haunts myself and can’t sleep properly… Got work tomorrow.

This is… life of a Mom. (⇀‸↼‶)

Wrapped up an Aerith shoot last Sunday. It was my first night shoot; thought it would be easy-breezy without the hot sun but ended up I almost fainted from low sugar. Didn’t exactly have a heavy meal before the shoot and wig was screaming uncomfortable. We had a couple of good shots though. It was great pleasure working with Togusa – my photographer friend who has done a couple of fashion/casual photoshoots for me. Come to think of it, this was our first cosplay shoot.

So why am I blabbering about this..? I am really happy to be back on track with my hobby and still feeling it. I am thankful to be able to do what I like despite being very time tight now being a mom and juggling with a full-time job. I have a good helper and a lovely family to help out so I can still afford time to do cosplay, hang out with friends occasionally, have some personal couple time with the hubby. I know some moms aren’t as lucky to receive so many help and leeway so this is why I am thankful.

Still have several cos plans for this year. Hopefully, I can fulfil em all. ;>

Judge the parents, not

One of the best lessons of being a parent is learning empathy. I finally understand the hardship that parents go through and feel ashamed how judgemental people including myself had been when we weren’t parents yet.

Don’t judge a parent when you’ve never been one. Don’t judge whatsoever when you’ve never been in the same situation.

Children can sometimes be annoying in public, I know. But trust me, I’m trying my best to make sure my kid isn’t bothering you as much as possible. They are not robots. They are human and they have a mind of their own. As much as I try to educate – it is not possible, at least to me to control every emotion and action of my one year old toddler. If only people understood this. 

An arrogant person thinks they are better than others, while a confident person knows they are just as good as others.  Confident people will rarely be found lecturing or preaching to others or how they are wrong. Furthermore, they usually show respect while listening to somebody. Arrogant people have difficulty listening to others. They often exude negative energy and blame others if things do not work out as expected.

Arrogance is usually the result of a defense mechanism used by subconscious mind in order to prevent further criticism. Confidence comes from positivity, optimism and mental steadiness.


Never never be arrogant.

Vivi’s last words

“I always talked about you, Zidane. How you were a very special person to us, because you taught us all how important life is. You taught me that life doesn’t last forever. That’s why we have to help each other and live life to the fullest. Even if you say goodbye, you’ll always be in our hearts. So, I know we’re not alone anymore. Why I was born… How I wanted to live… Thanks for giving me time to think. To keep doing what you set your heart on… It’s a very hard thing to do. We were all so courageous… What to do when I felt lonely… That was the only thing you couldn’t teach me. But we need to figure out the answer for ourselves… I’m so happy I met everyone… I wish we could’ve gone on more adventures. But I guess we all have to say goodbye someday. Everyone… Thank you. Farewell. My memories will be part of the sky…”

Only when you’ve played FF or a good RPG, then you will understand the impact a good game can have on a gamer’s mind and life. Not very often can I express how much the story and characters from each FF series I’ve played moved me tremendously that I am still fangirling after 17 years since my first FF.

Vivi’s last words from the ending left me the deepest impression… knowing that black mages in FF9 were not made to live forever.