Sometimes I feel the rush to do the many things I’ve intended to do because life is short, so darn short. I’m afraid something might happen to me before I get to do the things I want to do.

Life is so fragile and unpredictable. We’ve got to cherish and make full use of every second of it, don’t we?


Dreading tomorrow :<


Parenting is the most challenging thing ever. I’m assuming everybody else around have docile kids while I’m the only one struggling with a feisty little woman since nobody else speaks up about how difficult parenting is.

A headache’s been pestering me the last few days and I’m thinking it must be sinus again that sneaky forever-lingering bastard.

Leave me alone oready. I need to care for my needy two year old.

Stomach flu on the way to recovery and I’m already hallucinating on my cravings. Marutama… Potato with lots of cheese and onion… MAC pancakes and hashbrown…fried curry Maggie Mee…