Feels again

Another moment of feels

I’m crying and pooping at the same time while listening to my favourite track from Sacred Spirit.

I was sad and trying to distract myself with Facebook articles while ear-stuffed with music from one of my Favourite New Age album. When my favourite track started playing my favourite part at 0:36 I started to sob.

All that feels.

My hubby was watching his show and was not aware. I didn’t want him to see this. Coincidentally, nature called and it was good reason to have this moment alone.

That was how I ended up in the toilet right now, sobbing to my favourite music piece and shitting all at the same time.

So bizarre, life.


Unexpected feels

Today, I felt absurd but in an absolutely good way. I’ve never felt like this before.

I attended a Marchesa Bridal Trunk Show without much expectations (cause I was more looking forward to Galia Lahav’s Trunk Show next month!); selected a couple of dresses to try and boy… when I put on the very first dress; I was wow-ed, speechless… it was a simple looking ball gown that I didn’t think was spectacular or anything close to it but when I had it on and starred at the mirror…it looked so dreamy and beautiful.

It was surreal; I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was in awe together with my bridal consultant.

Is this the feeling when you’ve found your wedding gown?

I went on and tried the other gowns; all of them were gorgeous af in their own way but nothing felt like what I had with the first dress.

Laughs… what a crazy feeling.  As I took off the first dress, I had this overwhelming feeling of being moved that I could not express inside me though I acted all chill with the bridal consultant; I think I was tearing inside. I certainly didn’t expect to feel teary and touched over a wedding gown… it’s kind of like that feeling when you are holding back your tears of joy-and-all-the-indescribable-touching-feels when you see your good friend walking down the aisle ….except this time what I saw was me in the mirror in what I think.. is my dream wedding gown.

#feels #thebestfeelingscomeunexpected


To dear R

You’ve worked hard for the family. Thank you for providing for us as best as you could. At times, I smile silently to myself… being thankful of the happiness and comfortable life we have now.

I think I’m a lucky wife. I chuckle secretly to myself when I hear about how you share my cosplay photos and talk about me to your colleagues and friends. Never thought I would have a husband like you. I apologize that I’m a more private person and do not openly talk to others about you – that doesn’t mean you are any less important. ;>

❤ hugs


ello again

Been a while since I last written anything here…. I am down with tonsillitis just got an antibiotic injection on my bum. Had high fever last night at 3am and sent my darling out to sleep with helper instead… but god damn I shared a cupcake with her last evening AHHHHHHHHH. Please don’t catch this evil tonsillitis darling :<

Sighs. #momwoes