hold it back

I am always glad I didn’t take it to fb on my rants when I am angry because I will regret doing so when I’ve calmed down. Especially on very personal matters.

I never like to wash dirty linen in public.


Annoying Oranges In My Life

I get annoyed pretty easily and this annoyance can become anger. I am sick of it though. There are always people, things and circumstances that will annoy you.

You can’t control those, then you will have to learn to control your thoughts and emotions. Okay that was seriously annoying, but I am done letting these people and things annoy me. *Filter out*

Today a friend enlightened me on who and what I am.

I’ve always felt kinda aimless in life because I don’t have big dreams like in the movies or people who talk about their ambitions. I hate to answer questions like what is your goal/ambition in life? Because I don’t have one that sounds like what others want to hear about.

I’m a simple person whose interest-driven. I basically just like to surround myself with things that I love. I love beautiful things, designing, painting, fantasy video games, cosplay, good photos. Now that I’m a mummy, my daughter becomes my priority. I want her to live well, stay healthy and happy. Her Japanese name translates to beautiful freedom. That’s my intent. Freedom is something relatable to me, I hope she lives a life of freedom. There’s nothing about what I want or like that involve big dreams and big money.

I’m a free-spirited person if your definition of that is on the same page as mine. Took me so long to realize that this is the best expression for me. I do have dreams and wishes, just not big ambitions.

That’s me.


The virtue of being great of mind and heart.

A refusal to be petty.

Let bygones be bygones.

Put down the grudge on those that have hurt you.

Forgive and forget.

What it’s like to be a parent

A friend asked what it’s like to be a parent? 

It didn’t take a lot of time to ponder upon the question and answer my friend.

You know how you used to be the most important person to yourself or perhaps your lover was your most important person? Suddenly you have this little human that’s more important than your own life. You would do anything to protect this little one even if you have to sacrifice yourself. You think about ways to keep her safe. When she smiles, it makes your day. Her innocent sleeping face calms you down. 

It’s a strange and extraordinary feeling and you will never fully understand this feeling till you have a child of your own.

Came back to the hubby for some couple time while Miyu is at my parents’ place; ended up we miss her so much. ._.

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