We found a mystical place, perfect for our coming shoot.



How beautiful is it to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged.

Whenever the Internet blames parents callously with a lack of empathy in every situation, I’m thinking someday.. Someday, these people may end up on the receiving end of a similarly horrifying incident that will make them question their right to judge ever again.

I’ve heard the worse things non parents say of parents… Well good luck. You will know when you become a parent and eat back your words when you realize nobody is a perfect parent including yourself. 

Truth is I’m extremely wary of people. I’m often second guessing the possibility of someone lurking in my life with ulterior motives. Or even an anonymous reader lurking on my blog to dig out information on me with ill intentions.

Bad experiences, bad people change you.

I had two wisdom teeth taken out today. Now I’m really hungry but I can’t eat cause it hurts. This sucks.

I chose to do this on a Friday night so I won’t have to take medical leave on working days… Geez why am I being so considerate to the company? Would it pay off at all this year? 

What’s comparable to your child’s smile and innocence? 

I can’t think of any. I came back home late today and miyu was the sweetest thing. That smile on her face when she knows mummy’s back.