I’ve been a sickly potato over the weekend. Something sweet happened this morning when a sleepy hubby still half asleep asked if I was feeling better and shuffled my hair like I was a puppy.

It sounds like a simple thing to ask but at that moment it just felt really sweet that the first thing he asked (when he wasn’t even fully awake) was about me.



Searching for any glimpse of light and positive vibes on a Monday; uncertain if I feel rested as I thought I had but I woke up to another unpleasant dream this morning.

Don’t know what is with sinus and fatigue – always come along with a bag of nightmares and bad dreams in my disturbed sleeps.

It’s okay. Keep thinking good, keep thinking positively. Happy thoughts and rainbows will form amidst the Monday blues.

Life’s been great or at least at this moment while I am waiting for a train to get to my favourite hair salon.

It’s a lovely, breezy Sunday.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the day before tomorrow’s Monday blues. I’ll be sure to cut down on the blues.

Cultivating the positive vibes~~~

Dear R

I wish that someday you will quit smoking. And I’d still be alive to witness that happen.


I had a fair share of weird dreams lately. Some of these dreams leave me really intrigued when I awaken from them. And apparently, I can still recall the gist of these dreams till now.

The other day I dreamt of a colleague who became a ghost and haunted me in the office. I hid in the toilet cubicle and she stuck her head down to the ground to peek through the bottom opening right at me and smiled creepily with a look of “I see you”… literally jumped out of my sleep in terror.

And just last night, I dreamt I became friends with someone who ain’t likely to ever form a friendship with me.

Dear dreams, what exactly are you trying to tell me? Enlighten me for I am clueless.

I levelled up at work recently.

Feels good to be recognised for your work and effort.

And a well lesson learned: You have to speak up if you want something and sometimes, be able to justify why you deserve it.