At this point, the negativity is so strong that I don’t think I’ll ever attain my dream space.

I feel like giving up. Stop caring. Stop being annoyed at clutter. Stop feeling. Stop everything. You’ll never get what you want.


I hate dealing with people.

I’m a huge follower of Marie Kondo. Was so excited to learn that she has her own series now on Netflix. After watching two episodes, I left the video streaming while I took action to declutter and organise again.

These are just my clothes. Today I decluttered my make up table and drawers. Tomorrow I’ll work on somewhere else in my room.

After decluttering, I see space and I feel really really good..! I want to keep this up.

Dear Miyu

This video is for you.

Showed you a while ago (you were 4 years old) and you asked me if you can go? (¬_¬) You didn’t understand the video. It’s okay we will watch this again when you’re old enough to understand. (¬‿¬)


When I read resolutions by other people and they sound silly. And then I came up with my own, laughs.


Be patient
On motherhood, with my whiny mom and thing things in general

Be the supportive wife
More love, praise and support to the hubby

Time with Miyu
Read a book to Miyu every night and have our little chats

Be a better listener, talk less
Don’t be a Conversational Narcissism

Be less annoyed at things that I cannot change
Don’t let emotions get the better of you

Think twice before buying something
Do I really need it?

De-clutter more.
Attain my own idea of minimalism

Read more
Finish the books I bought

Game more
Make good use of my Playstation 4 and Nitendo Switch

Cook more
Learn some new dishes, hubby will eat everything

Travel again
Explore a new part of Japan with Miyu and parents

Level up my Japanese
Attain a certification in Japanese language

Constantly update my resume
Be open to new opportunities and get ready to take the leap


…..will update as and when something comes through

At 20 years old,  smoking was not a big deal to me. I didn’t mind that my husband-then-boyfriend became a routine smoker. I did not mind that the house was constantly filled with cigarette smoke by him and his mom.

At 30 years old, I wish I could raise my kid in a smoke-free environment and they both know that. I get annoyed when I smell cigarette smoke in the air. Certain adjustments were made. My husband has gotten out of the house to smoke ever since I was pregnant though he’d still smoke in toilet when taking a shit – and the smoke quickly fills up the kitchen and living room.

My mom-in-law continued to smoke in her room. She’d shut her room door but that doesn’t keep the cigarette smoke away from my daughter and myself. Sometimes she’d forget and keep her door opened while smoking; I would walk over to shut her door and then be met with a sorry.

Smokers aren’t bad people. They are just trapped in a bad habit and at most times, they are unaware of how their bad habit is affecting people around them. Sometimes, they know but they don’t think it’s a big deal. It won’t kill us. I certainly hope it doesn’t. My dad’s family line has a history of lung cancer. All that passive smoking, I’m just praying I’d be a lucky one.

I know my mom-in-law will never quit smoking. All I wish is that in our new house, she could refrain from smoking in her room for the sake of her grandchild. As for my husband, I wish I’d live till the day to see him quit this bad habit.