Sobs.. this version is so beautiful. Kiyoharu brought a new life to this song that I already love. ❤



I was sick and groggy with a throat infection and fever over the weekend. Slept through the whole of today till 5pm in the evening and woke up to 300 over unseen whatsapp messages. I had this group of girlfriends discussing about how they manage quarrels in their relationships; another group of girlfriends arranging to meet up for laser tag and another girlfriend sharing with me good news that she has finally put an end to an unhealthy relationship. Still drifting in my giddiness, I smiled to myself about how fortunate I am to be part of so many wonderful women’s lives.

#friendsforlife ladies

I wonder if all parents ever feel this way? One of those days where you feel like such a bad parent. Sigh

How do you master ultimate patience and temper control?


I feel so good and worn out at the same after having thrown and donated out many things. Came to the realization that keeping too many things that you probably won’t ever use is just making a mess out of your house and your life. Nobody wants to return home to a place hoarded by loads of useless things just sitting everywhere, unkempt and deteriorating. I want to make this a better home and create more space for everyone. I hope I get y’all understanding of my intention.




I have a job
A dad, mom and three brothers whom I know will always be behind my back
A healthy and adorable daughter who drives me nuts and make me feel so blessed at the same time
A hubby who loves me and my daughter more than anything else in the world
A healthy functioning body that enables me to work and live life conveniently everyday
Friends I know I can count on
Things that I love to do
A pair of eyes to see the colours and beauty in this world
A pair of ears to appreciate music and hear the voices of my loved ones
and as I think about it.. my list of wonderful things is endless

A simple reminder to self that there is no reason to be negative when I think about what I have
…because life’s happiness lies in gratitude.