Forgive my narcissism 



Don’t be angry at things and people. You don’t deserve to suffer the anguish of anger.

Who am I really?

Been thinking how true should I be in different circumstances with different people? My close ones whom I’ve opened up to already know who I am. Does it matter what others think? I’ll be lying if I said a complete no. I’ve been misunderstood before and that feeling was horrible especially when I held kind intentions. 

Even as I ponder on this, my actions are already acting on nature. I behave aloofly to many whom I do not know and don’t mind if they think I’m stuck up. At least they won’t approach me and try to take advantage. Been the nice and approachable yet people don’t reach out to me with kind intentions. I’m sick of that.

So no more. 

Lately I’ve been thinking that as I grow older, the lonelier I become. Especially having a child first amongst my closet bunch of friends. Also being married and in a 9 years relationship, you can’t really find many couples who’s been there as long as you to talk on the same level of mutual understanding. 

When my friends reach the child rearing stage and 9 year relationship mark, I will have attained another level of milestone; and think to myself – been there, done that. 

While I was feeling sabishi over these, Slut called to send me churros. Although I missed her call, the thought has been felt. I’m a bitch still being loved.  (¬‿¬)

Bumped into a friend during lunch and suddenly remembered why we haven’t talked to each other in ages. 

Cause his girlfriend didn’t like it.

I’m losing all my guy friends when they become attached. Such is life. 

Ello, anybody there? 

My WordPress is like me talking to myself. I don’t know if anybody’s reading it other than myself. It’s like a collection of my thoughts and pictures for the future me to reminisce. So I try to write positive thoughts and will keep this up.