Words from the most amusing character in FFIX.

Some of the best quotes come from video games.


Compression of Time

This song brings back crazy memories of Ultimecia’s castle. This is the game that I replayed countless times during my adolescence and my very first FF.

Nobuo Uematsu is such a god. He’s made so many amazing pieces that stick with me for so long and I still feel it every time I hear my favourite pieces.

Marriage isn’t happily ever after. It’s a lot of compromising, effort and sacrifices.

I am glad that through all these compromises and sacrifices, happiness surrounds us still. 

8 happy notes 

Happiness is staying in bed with hubby to watch a drama with our baby sleeping soundly next to us.

Happiness is having budae jjigae and rice wine with hubby.

Happiness is convincing hubby not to have dark furniture or flooring in our future home and he buys into it.

Happiness is hubby offering to sell his macbook so I can buy a new laptop.

Happiness is talking about our silly daughter and smiling as amused, proud parents.

Happiness is talking about saving for our future.

Happiness is us struggling to make ends meet and yet feeling the bliss of joy.