Fear of rejection. 

To avoid rejection, don’t initiate. Or reject them before they can reject you.

Cowardly, I know.


In case you lost sight of this – I need you in my life. 

Acting normal and coping with work, colleagues, people when I feel bitter within. I want to find a quiet place, close my eyes and sleep, and perhaps wake up to a better day and time.

When you’re clearly tired but you can’t sleep cause your mind is still vividly imagining things.


Sometimes I wonder if I’m genuinely strong or just plain stupid? On the kind of decisions that I make and the things that I tolerate.

When you work for the sake of making a living and live for the weekend…

Sometimes it does feel kind of meaningless but you keep going anyway for the ones who matter. 

March was a hectic month. April’s been busy too… I can’t seem to make plans for myself. No time for my personal hobby. My laptop’s dead… I basically work on weekdays and then return home to spend time with Miyu. My only entertainment is the TV and my cell phone. It’s weekend and I’ve got to spend more time with Miyu to make up what we missed out during the weekdays when I was working. It’s only 12.30am but my eyes are struggling to keep open.

Soon it’s another day again.