My angel 

At coming close to 4am, I’m lying next to my baby girl in the dark and simply adoring her sleeping face. I’m thinking of all the amazing moments, those little and loud gestures she makes, how cute she sounds when she says ‘bye’, how she tries to pacify me when she makes me mad, how she reaches out to me for a hug, how she greedily tries to finish up all the snacks, how she kisses me on both cheeks, the funny sound she makes when she does the flying kiss, how she pats her chest with both hands when she’s afraid… :> 

I have such a little darling. She’s the best thing that happened to me and R.



Cosplay progress: Garnet 

I’m very proud to have completed Garnet’s royal pendant! Although the clay part is rather shabbily done hahaha; in my limited span of time, it is finally finished..!   

This is made of a Swarovski hexagon crystal, paper clay with stainless steel finish. I referenced it from the several available tutorials on the net you can easily Google.


Hello, I don’t like you 

Learning to say hello or smile to someone you dislike is not necessarily just fake and hypocrisy. It takes a certain level of maturity and tolerance to control your own ‘dislike’ for the better of others and the situation. 

If you dislike your boyfriend’s Mom or your best friend’s new boyfriend, are you gonna be REAL and refuse to greet or smile at them every time and put your boyfriend and best friend in a difficult spot? 

Uh huh. It’s not just about you and how you feel all the time. Sometimes you got to spare a thought for others, sometimes you have to stay professional for a career. Life isn’t so easy and convenient all the time – just being real and yourself. 

Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve… I am so sick of having to restart the leveling in ff6 I decided to call it off for the night and come write something in WordPress.

I don’t have an idea what to write about.

Oh yeah. Some random comment I made on a meme had 300 over likes and counting. That’s pretty new to me.

I’m totally procrastinating on my Cosplay supposedly due this weekend for an event. Am I leaving it till the last minute again? Instead, I’ve spent much quality time with miyu so it’s worthwhile even if I don’t make it for this event, it can still make it for a photo shoot.

The hubby went to Phuket with his mom and relatives. Despite that he seemed to be having fun there, I’m glad I didn’t choose to go. He will be back tomorrow night at wee hours. Miyu will be happy to see him the next morning. So will I.

My eyes are finally getting weary. Good night.

Just went through a series of battles and levelling then died and had to restart from the save point God damn it.