Why being 30 feels great

I may not know exactly where I am headed to but I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. I learned to love myself. No longer feel like my body isn’t good enough. Feel good about my body- small boobs, permanent stretch marks… gotta embrace them all.

I am settled with someone who loves me at my worst; is supportive of whatever I wish to do; pampers me and gives his best whenever he can; gave me a little human that became our world of happiness.

I started my motherhood journey four years ago and learned two very important values: Patience and Empathy. My daughter gives me the best smiles, hugs and innocence and loves me like I am her world.

Despite being a mom, I am still able to do some of the things that I love. Got back to my yoga classes; found time to create art; cosplay; daydream. I hope to find time to do more.

I begin to appreciate the importance of keeping my house tidy; feel the joy of cooking for my love ones.

I am blessed with not 1 or 2 friends but many friends I know we will be there in each others’ life for a long long time.

I count my blessings more than I dread about things.


What is there not to love about being 30?


Love in the long run

I’m sorry we quarrelled but I’m also glad we did. I felt it. The passion and affirmation emerged stronger and stronger each time we pull through yet another hurdle together.

And every time, I allow life’s woes to intrude and blind me from realising that we love each other so much.

I love you dearly, R.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Tenebrae Book Diary Noctis Lunafreya Cosplay Final Fantasy XV
It’s come time for me to leave Tenebrae

Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Cosplay
The Princess of Tenebrae

Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Book Noctis Cosplay
The book between the two

Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Book Noctis Cosplay
You’ll find they await you still, blooming from hill to vale.

Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Book Noctis Cosplay
Noctis: Will you be there?
Luna: …

Final Fantasy XV Lunafreya Book Noctis Cosplay
When you find yourself alone amid a lightless place, look to the distance, know that I am there.. And that I watch over you always.

Night Cycling

So I had this crazy idea last night, after reunion dinner from my parents’ place. R and I were waiting for our bus (cause cabs are expensive at that period), I noticed some of those ‘free to ride’ bicycles parked by the bus stops and said ‘maybe we could cycle home’.

And R was absolutely cool about it.

Me: “I haven’t cycled in years though.”

R: “It’s okay. We can take our time.”

And so we did. I struggled initially and was fearful that I would run into a cat or kid sprinting out of nowhere. At certain point, I almost did bang into someone and ran into a drain.

We cycled pass our soon-to-be house- still under construction, with about a third done up. That was the nicest part.

It was laughable how we left the cny gathering early due to my bad sinus infection and wanting to rest up early. Ended up, I cycled the hell of myself home in perspiration but feeling great that I did some work to my battered body.