Is it weird that I really enjoy my solitude moments?

Being alone in office, eating lunch alone, shopping alone, reading alone.
I love the company of my family and friends. I also love being on my own.


I love cooking for R.

He’s easy-going with food and eats everything I cook for him.

I never saw myself as someone who would cook for my hubby or kid to eat; being the pampered only girl among my siblings.

It’s strange how cooking can be joyful. When I randomly whip up something new, I really look forward for him to come back home and try it.

#dearlife #howihavechanged

In pain

Can’t sleep… wallowing in pain from the worse throat infection ever.

Also soaking up in guilt knowing I can’t make it to work tomorrow and that makes my third day of medical leave since Wednesday when I ran a high fever.

I had to take last Friday off work to send miyu to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a bad throat infection. Basically burned my weekend taking care of my sick Daughter and three days after, caught the same illness.

It’s hard for me as a working mom to be absent from work for four days. I was supposed to cover a colleague whose on leave. Can’t shake away the guilt, can’t drag myself to work.

My throat hurts so bad I’m living on popsicles. Starving and can’t swallow food…. it’s torturous. And I can’t even rest properly without feeling guilty for being absent at work. Geez



I was sick and groggy with a throat infection and fever over the weekend. Slept through the whole of today till 5pm in the evening and woke up to 300 over unseen whatsapp messages. I had this group of girlfriends discussing about how they manage quarrels in their relationships; another group of girlfriends arranging to meet up for laser tag and another girlfriend sharing with me good news that she has finally put an end to an unhealthy relationship. Still drifting in my giddiness, I smiled to myself about how fortunate I am to be part of so many wonderful women’s lives.

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