Let go and let live

Lately I’ve been thinking how life is so short, I need to make the best of it. Every freaking year seems to pass faster and faster each time. Whenever I’m at work, I’m always looking forward to rush home at 6 to be with my baby girl. I tend to have this thought that if the world ends right now, I don’t want to be dreaded at work. At least let me be with my love ones.

I’m often reminding myself that life is fragile and unexpected things do happen, people may fall sick and many do not get to live till a ripe old age. I want to fulfill all the things that I have in mind right now. Have a wonderful relationship with hubby, appreciate my parents, provide a happy family for miyu, conquer an early FF series, have a portfolio of shoots for all my cosplay plans, travel the world. So many things.. Sometimes I’m afraid my life might be shorter than expected and I can’t get to fulfill all of them. It’s kind of a morbid thought but with all the cynism in the world – cancer on the rise, terrorism, war…I just can’t be sure that it won’t happen to me.

So tonight, I’m letting go of the negativity and hurt I’ve been holding on to from the past. Those people that have hurt me and left me emotionally traumatised – I hated you guys to the depths of hell but I’m letting that go as well. Can’t let these shit hinder me from attaining the happiness that I deserve ya know?

If I could live this way, even if *touch wood* I don’t get to live till a ripe old age – At least it would have been a life well-lived.

I’m gonna remind myself not to hold back loving, giving and helping each day.



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