Tokyo, Akihabara: Eorzea Cafe

A way overdue post – haha. This is the last part of our Japan trip. It was a Monday I recall – we didn’t make it for the first try to Eorzea Cafe; it was full. So we returned on Monday to try our luck and we got it 😀

CIMG1482 - fb CIMG1484 - fb CIMG1487 - fb CIMG1490 - fb CIMG1496 - fb CIMG1497 - fb CIMG1498 - fb CIMG1500 - fb CIMG1504 - fb CIMG1505 - fb CIMG1506 - fb CIMG1508 - fb CIMG1510 CIMG1512 - fb CIMG1530 - fb CIMG1531 - fb CIMG1532 - fb CIMG1534 - fb CIMG1535 - fb CIMG1541 CIMG1542 - fb CIMG1544 - fb CIMG1547 - fb CIMG1551 - fb CIMG1553 - fb CIMG1554 - fb CIMG1555

CIMG1557 - fb

CIMG1558 - fb

CIMG1561 - fbKazuki was so kind to send us to the airport

CIMG1563 - fb

CIMG1575 - fb
And we did some silly shit
CIMG1577 - fb

CIMG1573 - fb

Goodbye Tokyo. See you again.


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