I can’t emphasize how important it is to feel good about myself each morning. That rarely happens these days cause I sleep late, get awaken in the middle of the night by Miyu and when I wake up, I am so tired I would sacrifice any time for make up/breakfast/whatever just to get maybe 15-20 mins more sleep. One of the ways to feel good is to be prepared for work and that includes dressing up the way you like and dolling yourself up if that makes you feel good.

A typical day would be a very tired me forgoing what I decided to wear the night before and choosing something very comfortable but slouchy/casual with my nerd glasses, nude face and BAM! Off to work I go.

That’s okay if you don’t bump into any of your acquaintances or old friends. But you know every time you’re dressed down and looking shitty, it’s like a freaking reunion of bumping into people you know. And that’s a very sucky feeling. I’ve faced that so many times I’m all oh-fuck-it and walk with your nose up high like you’re some freaking nude-face gorgeous.

Whatever. Let’s see tomorrow… will I be the feel-good-potato or slouchy potato..?


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