Today a friend enlightened me on who and what I am.

I’ve always felt kinda aimless in life because I don’t have big dreams like in the movies or people who talk about their ambitions. I hate to answer questions like what is your goal/ambition in life? Because I don’t have one that sounds like what others want to hear about.

I’m a simple person whose interest-driven. I basically just like to surround myself with things that I love. I love beautiful things, designing, painting, fantasy video games, cosplay, good photos. Now that I’m a mummy, my daughter becomes my priority. I want her to live well, stay healthy and happy. Her Japanese name translates to beautiful freedom. That’s my intent. Freedom is something relatable to me, I hope she lives a life of freedom. There’s nothing about what I want or like that involve big dreams and big money.

I’m a free-spirited person if your definition of that is on the same page as mine. Took me so long to realize that this is the best expression for me. I do have dreams and wishes, just not big ambitions.

That’s me.


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