cynical potato

A couple of months back, I was close to fainting at the train station due to low sugar. I squatted at a corner; alone and helpless while I could hear the endless sound of foot steps passing by. Shortly after, a man approached me and asked if I needed help. He brought me up to the control station and got the station staff to bring me some sweets; told me to take my time to regain back my energy and that he will send me to my office which happens to be near his.

The whole time while I was grateful for his kind assistance, I couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable. This man is way too kind. It’s hard to believe anyone would be so helpful without expecting anything back. What would he gain at all by using his time to help me? Wouldn’t he be late for work? I was wondering if he would somewhat asked for my number later on but he didn’t. Instead, I asked for his card and sent him chocolates to thank him the next day. I didn’t leave down my contact, just a simple Thank You card with the chocolates, albeit still feeling wary. Somehow, he managed to find out (probably from the deliveryman) where I worked, called up the office to thank me for the chocolates. Thereafter, I never hear from him again.

It’s really rare right? That people can be so kind and helpful without any other intentions. I’m very cynical about this because I’ve encountered tons of people abruptly showing kindness to me and then realizing they have other motives that I can’t help being on guard all the time.

Well after realizing this man was just purely a kind Samaritan… I want to laugh at myself at how distrusting I’ve become. I can’t even embrace a stranger’s kindness without being fearful of ulterior motives.


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