Who am I 

Whenever people ask me to talk about myself to a group of strangers, I get choked up in my head trying to think about what to say and what not to say because I think I’m weird and unable to fit into the mainstream. Whether it’s a casting or interview, I know if I choose to be completely honest of who I am, it’s not gonna appeal to people or be what they are looking for. I am niche and used to not having people understand that.

I love my New Age music; I have not meet another real life friend who appreciates Enigma like I do. I love having my own space to daydream and dwell in my own spirituality.

I love beautiful things and when I classify something as beautiful or adorable; it may not be what most think it to be.

I love Final Fantasy and all the childhood video games I grew up playing. These games leave deep impressionable feelings to me that I’ll never forget.

My favorite band is Luna Sea. They finally came to Singapore two years ago and marked the end of my dream. I got to see them up close and personal. It was a strike-off one of the major things on my bucket list! 

I have very specific interests and I stick to them. I could go on and on about them. I am also narcissistic and love seeing myself dolled up and wearing my-style sort of clothes.

I love Cosplay and photoshoots. That definitely has everything got to do with my narcissism. Cosplay is the closest thing I can do to relive my love for all the video games. I am gonna get back to doing that and look back when I’m old with no regrets. 

I am not what I look. I wish more people know that. I wanna meet more people who have the same interests!


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