You can’t change people 

What’s more offensive? When someone outrightly tells you they disagree with your ways or those who assure you they will act according to your wishes and yet do things differently behind your back? Then apologize when they get caught but continue to do things the way they want when you’re not around.

I am tired of feeling pissed and upset. I don’t appreciate people who are just lip service. I want sincere and truthful people in my life whom I know I can trust and count on. I’ve done all I can to communicate my concern and wishes for what I feel is best for my little one but it falls on deaf ears.

Neither can I take drastic measures to have my way lest I hurt people that I love. This is it. You can’t change people. They won’t change for you either. I am done letting other people’s actions antagonize and upset me. I don’t deserve this to feel like this. 

This is why you got to kill your emotions sometimes and be all nonchalant. Other people are going to take things to their own hands regardless of what you think and say even if you’re the mother. Deal with it, let it go and stop letting them dictate your mood.


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