Our last day at our Kyoto stay, we explored Osaka and boy, I wished we left at least another day to tour Osaka. One day was certainly not enough for this city.

Train to Osaka!
Train to Osaka!
CIMG0928 - fb
R gets nostalgic over these little Japanese students’ excursion.
CIMG0967 - fb
The hubby did DIY hair dye for me the night before only realizing how uneven the colours turned out in this picture. >_<

CIMG0929 - fb CIMG0937 CIMG0968 - fbosaka photo 2 CIMG0990 CIMG0992 - fb CIMG1004 - fb CIMG1016 - fb CIMG1037 - fb CIMG1039 - fb CIMG1040 - fb CIMG1042 - fb CIMG1044 - fb CIMG1048 - fb CIMG1053 - fbCIMG1054 - fb CIMG1056 - fb CIMG1060 - fbCIMG1061 CIMG1067CIMG1068 - fbphoto 3CIMG1074 - fbCIMG1076 - fbphoto (1)CIMG1087 - fb


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