Last night, I told R to give me a tight hug when he comes back. I hadn’t seen him for 3 days and it’s Valentine’s Day today. I bet he doesn’t remember that but I wanted to wish him anyway.

I was awaken by Miyu’s cries at 6am and saw the sweetest scene – R changing Miyu”s diapers and abruptly, I recalled that I didn’t get my hug. Hello?

R claimed that was the first thing he did when he returned home. I even said I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day to him.


Although I don’t know why I remember this vague scene of R coming through the door and I saw the clock reading 1am. Somehow, I don’t remember the hug. He even said I fell asleep with my glasses on and he took them off. Such a sweet scene, yet I have no memories of it..

So anyway, dear R:
if I can’t recall any of it, it’s not counted. Do it again tonight.


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