good gaming days

I am thinking about a phase back then where R and I had didn’t have many commitments and we were heavily indulged in online gaming. Gaming was like an everyday affair, we saved alot of money because we stopped going out on dates. So I dug out some pictures of our gaming chronicles particularly from Ragnarok Online II and Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

RO2 was my first mmorpg and I began as a complete noob while R was a pro. He taught me well and we rocked RO2 with our guild mates. We created our own strategy and were amongst the pionner guilds to down Baphomet; we even had a video of it, should be somewhere on youtube haha. Manage to clear raids till Abbadon of Despair before calling it quits. Our best gaming memories are definitely from this game. 🙂 I miss my sorcerer and wizard!

549833_10151191686276787_1089088533_n 224425_10151191693786787_386200886_n 399057_10151191693796787_118107571_n

FFXIV: A Realm Reborn was alot more challenging. I had to play it because it’s Final Fantasy, a pity R didn’t like it that much and he was down with work commitment. I love my black mage every bit but eventually got bored of farming boring dungeons to collect allagans. Still, downing Titan with guild mates was a hell load of fun. I’ll always remember those times.IMG_0684ffxiv_14102013_222027ffxiv_08122013_215557 ffxiv_09112013_200205 ffxiv_10122013_235852 ffxiv_13112013_214925

While I really miss these fun times indulging in a mmorpg with R alot... I can hardly see myself committing to an online game like before.

But well I am just thinking… perhaps I can still devote my weekends when my sweet Miyu is asleep. xD We shall look forward to a good engaging mmorpg with pretty characters to come.


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